Home Sweet Home.

HOME sweet HOME....

Tada! The house in the window is finished. One hundred percent cardboard, paper, laughter, and sweat!
Larry, our architect, Erika our roofer and cabinet maker, and I, the car mechanic and gardener, have created a cozy nest for our new baby dolls.
Nothing is missing...... the wall paper, the fluffy rug, the flowers on the table, the cherry pie, a couple of friends and the dog waiting at the door....

A home.........like all children should have....

So for the month of December, we have promised to help the homeless children of Atlanta by donating $5 from each
baby doll sale to a local shelter called My Sister's House (at the Atlanta Mission Union on 921 Howell Mill Road).
We'll let you know how it goes......


  1. So cute! Reminds me of the dollhouse I had as a girl!

  2. Adorable! I just visited your website and I promise, if I had unlimited funds, each and every clothing piece would belong to my 6 year old twin girls! Beautiful! Soft! Dreamy! Colorful and just plain DELICIOUS!! I had to tell you how much I love your items and how very very wonderful they are... Thanks for the few moments of mental bliss.
    Warmth and blessings..

  3. that is amazing!!!
    so pretty!
    i love it!