Ciaran Neiman, a warrior princess

Ciaran is fighting a ferocious battle with courage and grace against a horrible disease called HUS caused by E Coli. Our thoughts are with her and her family.... To learn more, read their blog: http://ciaranneiman.wordpress.com

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  1. Dearest Susan and Florence,

    Your beautiful creations have continued to lighten up my daughters days and nights! Not a day goes buy with out BlaBla in our lives.
    What a very special crew you have at BlaBlaKids! Your beautiful Easter surprise full of BlaBla goodies made Ciaran's Easter! When she saw the beautiful Bunny and rattle, Mermaid dream ring and adorable outfuit she had the most radiating smile! You all made our Easter with your lovely surprise!
    Thank you all for your special wishes and darling BlaBla Easter basket. God Bless you all.
    Shannon, Doug and Ciaran Neiman