Hot balloons and Clouds...our very cute summer display by Erika

Here is her recipe....wind not included.

How to make a papier mâché hot air balloon:

Using a Chinese lantern from IKEA, attach a to-go container or cup with tape to one open end of the lantern.  (Container can be paper or plastic, but remove the bottom before attaching).
Now papier mâché long strips of white tissue paper from the middle of the lantern down around the edge of the container.
Add strips until you can no longer see the container.
Let dry.
Add strips of a different color using papier mâché or by painting glue on precut shapes.
Attach a basket with string and a tether with penant flags and you're ready to fly!

Bon Voyage!


  1. Love this idea! And LOVE your products!!

  2. was just googling buying little hot air balloons because i loved the pics but now i think i will make them! thanks for the tutorial.