Sneak Peek!

          A sneak peek at the fun things 
        coming out this Spring. Stay tuned!


  1. Finally found a free minute to check out your sweet brand and all the magical things you do... two years ago my husband left me and our two small children (one of whom was less than a month old) to travel across the country to visit an old college friend. He came home with a doll for our newborn daughter, a soft colorful doll that I believe your website calls "Lulu Flower." We named her Sweet Caroline and she hasn't left my daughter's side since. In fact, my daughter puts herself to sleep every night by rubbing Sweet Caroline's soft arm across her face. My girlfriend, seeing a potential problem in this situation, recently showed up with another Sweet Caroline, just in case tragedy should ever befall the first, and we've tucked her away. Which is all to say: we love your dolls and we love what you've created. Thanks!

  2. Love all that you are doing! Also wanted to let you know I featured one of your dolls in this design board: http://simplifiedbee.blogspot.com/2011/11/fox-themed-nursery-room-design-board.html

    Keep up the great work!