Some bunny movie magic for Easter!

Please enjoy our latest little movie The Amazing Balthazar and Mirabelle, starring our magic bunnies! Inspired by old circus acts and Charlie Chaplin skits, Megan and Flo worked hard last summer on this stop motion animation. We are still beginners at this, but we are getting better! With a lot of inventive and spur of the moment solutions we were determined to create magic- even if it meant hooking a plastic horse to a toy fridge onto a chair to hold a line of Christmas lights for the perfect mood! Pretty much the whole set and all the props were built from cardboard (and patience!). We recorded most of the sounds for the movie ourselves- all of the voices you hear are Blabla employees and friends!

Be sure to watch our other movies on Vimeo- including behind-the-scenes footage!


  1. I can't even imagine the hard work and hours that go into making the videos but I do have to say from the behind the scenes it looks like a lot of fun! Please keep having fun! ;)

  2. Heh, this looks like fun! You say you're stil beginners, but you do great actually. I wish you best of luck! I'll show this to my kid. :)