Sweet Olive Farm

Welcome to our farm.
rescuing animals since 2010...
they find us and we find them.

We get the New York Times in the middle of nowhere - what's better than that!
The house, moved from Elberton, GA in 1989

Stampy the sheep, Tumbleweed and Goldy the Alpaca
Eva, whose parents were deported to Norway!?!
Cisco, Livvie Belle and Scout - 3 very spoiled little hee hees
The alpacas strike a pose
Tumbleweed loves to pester Eva or visa versa
Our little pony and our big old house!
Mr. Thelma munching on fresh kale
Grandpap the goat with his best friend Bolivar
Our Toulouse geese were rescued from Craig's List. 
The post read "large cavity for stuffing". 
No foie gras here
Stampy and Go-go share a kiss
Olive our UGA cheerleader
Sasha curled up in her favorite spot
Part of the pack - Lil Bit, Redbud and Begonia
Our granddogs visit too! Zoey and Chum making themselves at home.

Want to see more of Susan and Kat's happenings on Sweet Olive Farm?
Check out their Sweet Olive Farm tumblr

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  1. This is great, just stumbled upon your blog. Especially Olive in her UGA gear! Enjoy the farm

    UGA grad '95

    1. Come see us! The barn door's always open!

  2. It is beautiful!! This doesn't surprise me that Susan rescues animals, she is so kind hearted. I love all the pictures, thank you for sharing! I do have to say though after scrolling through the pictures I think a goose needs to be made and named after one of her geese. :)

    1. Goose Doll! What a funny idea! Thanks for your sweet message - Susan

    2. I will be first in line to get a goose weather it be a rattle or a doll! :)

  3. We love Sweet Olive Farm! Kimberly & Stella