The Blabla Doctor Is In!

Meet Katie (and pets).  Katie is the Customer Service Representative here at Blabla.  Not only does she handle calls, emails, and web orders, she is also a liaison with stores throughout the United States.

To top it all off, she also knits!  She has her own knitting company called Tulipcake Repairs, and has recently done a few repairs on well loved Blabla dolls.

Blabla: What kind of repairs are possible?
Katie: I can repair most wear and tear that a Blabla goes through (holes, worn yarn, stuffing, etc.), and Nell (long-time friend of Blabla) is helping the dolls with more serious needs. Nell has been knitting for 30 years, and is responsible for bringing prudence (seen below) back to life. 

B: What do you charge per hour?
K: The cost of repairs is 20/hr of work.

B: How did you get started in knitting?
K: I taught myself to knit while working as a live-in nanny in Colorado, and it quickly became my favorite hobby. 

B: Do you have a favorite Blabla?
K: I have a Giant Lemonade named “Mr. Lemons” that I’m very fond of. He’s silly, he fits into my tee shirts, and loves to snuggle.

If you would like to get in touch with Katie regarding a tatter or tear, email tulipcake@gmail.com.


  1. Oh we so need a miracle doc right now, Lily has holes and I can't get it from her to fix it and the threads are just wearing out completely. :(

  2. that is the most wonderful thing i've heard in awhile! while we don't need it yet, soon our favorite Mozart may need a little love.
    ~ the russells