Made with Love

New Blabla info cards now available!  

Our new cards will explain how each blabla doll is uniquely special, and each online order will be shipped with a card included.

Kristen of Treehouse Kid and Craft sent us photos of the great way that she is using them in her store!  We think everyone who receives a blabla doll will find it a treat to receive one of our new cards!

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  1. Love this!! We always explain what they are, how they are made, ect when we give them as gifts, which is all the time!
    I often wonder if any of our dolls were made by the same person or parts were and if I could I would travel to where they are made because I am still amazed by them.
    They all have their own story, journey, and I love that they inpire imaginations and think to myself if Aurora's dolls could talk and tell a story what would it be. They have been so many places, done so many things, been there for so many special moments, and inspired so many memories that she will cherish forever.