Guest Post: A Whisk and Two Wands and Mr.X

Here is part two of our guest post from the talented Sarah Schaap of A Whisk and Two Wands!

When Blabla contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a guest blog post I was honored and instantly the wheel started turning.  I had a few ideas but after hours of trying to find a certain ingredient I had to give up on a couple.  One I instantly knew I had to do was a Mr. X "sandwich".  We don't have a
Mr. X but couldn't help but picture his fringy yarn hair done in peanut butter!
My oldest and I had a little of what I call art time in the kitchen and we both made one.
Mr. X Sandwich
makes 1
2-3 pieces of bread (needed 3 with one kind, only 2 for other bread), toasted if you would like
peanut butter (used Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator)
chocolate peanut butter (used Peanut Butter and Co Dark Chocolate Dreams)
vanilla cream cheese, you can make this by adding vanilla bean or extract, and optional tsp of sweetener, to cream cheese
1 green grape
2 green candies

You shouldn’t need more than a few tablespoons of each peanut butter and the cream cheese but I didn’t measure these as I just spoon some into frosting bags. We used a frosting bag with a Wilton #2 tip for the fringe. We used disposable frosting bags with the tips cut for the chocolate peanut butter and cream cheese; you could use a thicker plastic bag with the corner cut or a Wilton flat #46 tip if you wanted.
Start by cutting a 3” circle out of one slice of bread for the head, we used a biscuit cutter. Next you will want to cut out the body, cutting a slight curve in the top of the body so the head and body fit together. Lastly cut his hat. Arrange your bread on a plate. Slice your grape in half lengthwise and slice the top off at an angle to fit at the ends of arms for hands.
Start by piping your peanut butter fringe on the bottom of Mr. X’s body and on the arms above the hands. Next alternating between chocolate peanut butter and vanilla cream cheese, pipe the stripes to make his sweater. With the peanut butter fringe the bottom of his face leaving a section for his eyes. Add eyes using cream cheese and candies, and add fringe to the rest of his head. Finish by spreading chocolate peanut butter on his hat. Now you can giggle, well if you are like my daughter, and enjoy your X cellent Mr. X Sandwich!

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