Lacing Marigolds with Treehouse Kid & Craft

Just a handful of years ago, I ran an Organic CSA farm. We would plant Marigolds in between rows and beds to naturally deter harmful insects and disease.  Making Marigold necklaces always brings back memories of those lovely days on the farm.  

Marigolds have such a sweet aroma and they are long lasting so they work great for making necklaces, garlands, hair bands, and more.  This is one of those crafts that many ages can enjoy.  My daughter, Maypop made one for her favorite farm doll who she calls, Mama.  
a couple of handfuls of Marigolds
a large blunt embroidery needle  

-Lay your Marigolds out in your desired pattern
-Cut a piece of string or yarn long enough for your project
-Thread your Embroidery Needle
-Start lacing through the back of the flower.  
***It is good to be gentle with these, they are quite durable but they can fall apart if you are not careful.

If you have any leftover Marigolds (only organic ones) toss them into a salad, they are edible! 

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  1. Such a sweet activity. Everyone loves a Marigold necklace!

  2. oh I love your creations so much, glad I found your blog x