Make It! : Mardi Gras Bird Mask

It's Fat Tuesday-and in celebration of Mardi Gras we've created a Bird Mask "how-to". Download the mask template to get started!

1. Print and cut out the template.  You can print on card stock and color with crayons and markers.  You can also print out, trace and then cut the shapes out of construction paper.
2.  Now it's time to decorate your feathers!  We used washi tape, but you can use crayons, markers, stickers, or feathers.  Get creative and let your personality show!
3.  Use glue or tape to put together your pieces.  See Below.
4.  Use a small hole punch to make two holes next to the eyes (there are two black dots marked on the template).  Measure and cut your twine (enough to go around your head), then put it through the holes and tie on each side.
Now your bird mask is ready to wear!  Have Fun!

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