Summerfest this weekend!

Here's Joseph in his "conference room", Yogi the office dog enjoying the sidewalk, and Hien working on the sandwich board.  It's been warming up in Atlanta, just in time for Summerfest!

If you're out for Summerfest, be sure to swing by blabla for a special discount :)  We're here every Saturday 10-5pm, and we'll be open on Sunday from 12-4pm just for this weekend.  See you then!


  1. Hello,
    I just received my order of an Alice doll for my fourth child's 1st birthday. Thank you! Coincidentally, just before the postman delivered her, I did a post on my blog about my third child's Bubbles cat, whom we call Spotty Cat. He's had to be mended. You may like to see him ... he's fixed now and loved more than ever!

  2. love the dress in the picture! so cute! :) wish I lived close by so I could come to summerfest with my 3 boys!

  3. Ok, that giant Mr X is simply awesome! I would love one...for myself!! LOL!