Our Giant Mr X Contest Winner!

          As you all know, Karen Pierce Lim and her daughter Kate are our Giant Mr X contest winners.
          We just wanted to share some photos of their visit last month to pick their new friend up!
          We're so happy Mr X found a great home!



  1. Love it! Wonderful pictures Karen. I couldn't even pick a favorite of yours because I liked so many of them. Cute pictures of Mr. X going home. I hope you were able to get his seat belt on him. :)

  2. This was such a generous prize! Congrats to you, little Kate! Thank you for sharing a little piece of your life with us through these adorable photos :)
    Are you doing any more blabla kids giveaways in the near future? For the time, I am coveting the super cute Coco from afar... ;)

  3. THANK YOU, blabla! We love Mr. X! I will have to upload some photos of him in his new home to your FB page. He brings lots of smiles, and kids who have been here since he has arrived just love him! We were so excited to participate in this fun contest--and even more excited to win! Thanks again!

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