Summer Travel!

For those of you headed out on the open road this summer, don't forget a few backseat essentials to keep the kiddies entertained and cozy on that long drive or flight!
Before leaving, grab a (2)blanket and squeezable (1)Hold Me Tight pillow, then fill your (5)Canvas backpack with books like (3)Where The Sidewalk Ends or (4)The Life of Mr. Mustache.  Toss in (7)finger puppets and (6)printable drawings for creative play, and you're ready to hit the road!


  1. I love the post! the printable drawings seem to be great and the pillow is nice, perfect for long flights!

  2. Love the puppets!! Looks like our collection will be growing soon! Thanks for the ideas, can't wait to plan our next road trip to Blabla. Maybe the Halloween party if there is one??

  3. Very useful for long drive travel :)

    Claire M.

  4. we have a few camping trip planned and these little items would be perfect for my little girl :)

    Zoe x