It's Here! Our very first stop-motion short!

When our designer Florence creates a new doll, she envisions not just their appearance, but an entire personality, complete with quirks, relationships and hobbies.
Bringing Socks to life and getting to share some of that personality was such fun!
Socks is the kind of guy that seems to have everything going for him, he’s smart handsome and adventurous, but he’s so shy when it comes to his feelings. Here we see him find that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!
This movie was made using stop-motion animation, a technique employed in such films as Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Wallace & Gromit.We were really inspired by the work of Michel Gondry, as well as old French animations, like Pollux and Bon Nuit Les Petit and, of course, the adorable Pingu!This was our first time animating, and it was a great experience. We learned so much from this process, and are already hard at work on our second short- coming soon!