Earth Day Peace Flags!

At TREEHOUSE. kid and craft we have been celebrating Earth Day all month long.  We have painted with plants as our brushes, made seed bombs, needle felted, knit, made animals with wine corks,  and more.  One of my favorite projects that we did was on created by one of my instructors, Hope.  She came up with the sweetest Peace Flag project and the kids all loved it! 

We love finding a project that many age groups can enjoy.  We did this with our 1-3 year old Mama/Papa and me class and the babies loved placing their ingredients on the flags. 

Project:  Peace Flags made with found natural ingredients
ages:  1 and up! 
Materials needed:  found ingredients, glue, heavy weight paper or Card Stock,  yarn
Equipment needed:  hole punch, scissors

1.  Cut out your flags.  Our flags were cut in 4 x 6 inch rectangles and then we added a little accent at the bottom.  Adults, you may need to help out with this step.
2.  Go outside and gather some lightweight natural ingredients.  We found flowers, seeds, grass, herbs, and branches.
3.  Spread glue on your flags.  We used Popsicle sticks so the wee ones could do it easily. 
4.  Start arranging your found ingredients.   
5.  Let your flags dry flat on a table for a few hours or until the yarn is dry.
6.  Punch 2 holes at the top of each flag, one on the right and the other on the left side.  We recommend punching 3/4 of and inch in from the edge of the flag. 
7.  Cut a piece of yarn and begin to lace the yarn through each flag.  Be gentle with the flags so your natural ingredients stay on the flag. 
8.  Hang in a window and enjoy!

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