A Harmony the Mermaid Birthday Celebration!

Imagine your child waking up in a room full of balloons with a Giant Mermaid holding a birthday card.  That's what happened when Aurora woke up on her birthday morning. 
Aurora's mom Sarah, from A Whisk and Two Wands, created her usual breathtaking extravaganza.
Starting with the invitation...


Sarah created an underwater scene with coral reef made entirely of fruits and vegetables!
Here's Sarah... "Aurora said she just wanted veggies shaped like coral reef and balloons.  I thought I would have my hands full with her cake plus volunteering and planning a joint Halloween party at Sammie's school for 60 kids.  I decided last minute to throw something together getting the stuff the day before and throwing it together right before the party after some friends showed up early.  It turned out as I had envisioned it but better than I ever expected it to."

Sounds like the perfect Blabla birthday celebration!  Discover more creations by Sarah at awhiskandtwowands.com and follow her on Instagram @miss_whisk!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I didn't realize you had posted this until today. Thank you for the happiness Blabla brings my girls and for being the inspriation for her party.